Eureka Looks To The Future With New Roles And A Possible ARG

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I admit it; I didn't believe it at first, but it's beginning to look like a hologram is just a hologram, and certain changes made in SciFi Channel's Eureka recently are really going to stick. Creators of the show have been talking about the permanence of said changes over on the Eureka Unscripted blog, as well as who - and what - lies in store to fill the gap they've left. Spoilers under the jump.Show co-creator Jaime Paglia looked back at Nathan Stark's place in the series:

Nathan Stark appeared in episode two of our first season ("Many Happy Returns") and his character experienced a lot of growth in his 30 episodes. He went from being head of Global Dynamics, Allison's ex-husband, and Carter's nemesis, to losing his job, winning back the girl, and, ultimately, making peace with Carter in their competition for Allison's affections. I loved watching his character suffer a great fall, then slowly climb his way back to the top. We got to see Stark in a different light, which for us as writers (and, hopefully, for you as the audience) only deepened our connection to him. Stark was a guy you loved to hate, or hated to love, and his legacy will live on even as we bring in new characters and dramas for our heroes to contend with in the next half of the season. Many thanks to Ed Quinn for his commitment to making Stark the best he could be.


But, wait; he's really gone? It's not a Battlestar Galactica-esque fake-out in order to bring the character back later in the season? Curtis Kheel, who wrote the most recent episode, doesn't seem to think so:

As for whether Nathan Stark will make future appearances in "Eureka," there are currently no plans. However, like I said, on "Eureka" you never know when someone might show up again from the dead. We realize that some fans are upset about the loss of his character, but I can assure you that the legacy of Nathan Stark will continue to be a part of our series. He will not be forgotten.

Now I really can't tell if they mean it or laying it on a bit thick in hopes of convincing us that they mean it. Either way, it doesn't stop them teasing what's lying ahead for the show's "season 3.5". Back to Paglia:

With Stark gone and Eva Thorne's secret agenda soon to be revealed, we are now immersed in what we affectionately refer to as Season 3.5, the back 13 episodes of our 21 episode order. I can promise you that there are big surprises in store... Part of the challenge that we face is crafting a new mystery/mythology for the back half, and this one is unlike anything we've done so far.

Luckily, they have some unexpected help, in the form of a new writer joining the show: Joan Weiss, who worked on Journeyman and is therefore alright with us. Show stars Colin Ferguson and Joe Morton will also be taking on new roles in the final 13 episodes of the season, both trying out the director's chair to see how it feels. And, as for that new mythology mentioned above? Perhaps it has something to do with this seemingly random tease:

Oh. And if anyone has information on Mary Perkins, please call the number on the right. The Department of Defense has identified her as a "person of interest" and wants any traces of her whereabouts reported immediately.


Calling the number listed (202-640-3864, if you're interested) may take you on your first steps of a possible Eureka ARG. Here's hoping that Degree For Men isn't the ultimate answer. [Eureka Unscripted]


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