Instagram's new video feature may have been the most hyped app to hit the market this week, but that doesn't mean there's not a whole world of awesome iOS just waiting to be downloaded. And this week's set all do a little something to make your life easier—now doesn't that sound nice?

Exbel: Video for Instagram may have been the talk of the photo app world this week, but let's not forget the smaller guys doing some incredible work. And Exbel from indie developer Yaser Almajed is one of them. Lets you combine two different photos, one you've taken and one of Exbel's extensive collections of "masks," which you paint over any part of the photo you'd like in varying intensities. The masks are essentially just various textures and backgrounds that you'll find nearly every day, but combined with your own photo, they can turn into a fantastical unique creation. You can then use a filter over your combined image, meaning you'll never run out of various combinations. [$1]

Video for Instagram: Although not an entirely new app, Facebook did finally unveil their Vine-like competitor this week by adding video to the phenomenally popular Instagram. Essentially, you have a maximum of 15 seconds to work with, and the shortest your clips can be is three seconds. The video plays once and then pauses itself; it autoplays when you pause to look at it in the stream, and can be replayed by tapping on it. Audio is on by default. Instagram for Video seems pretty smart. Photos and videos built into the same feed mean you don't have to remember to look at another app. Fifteen seconds is just long enough to sing happy birthday. And filters? Who doesn't like filters! [Free]

Three: Ugh, you'll say, another beautiful, gradient-hued, minimalist iOS weather app. Thanks—I've already got five. But Three is different, we promise. Sure you get just the basic weather info without tons of bells and whistles, but the one bell and/or whistle you do have is a phenomenal one. Three has made it so you'll never be caught chilly at night without the proper layers, because it tells you exactly what to wear. [$2]

Simple: Existing Simple users will grasp the concept of Goals pretty seamlessly but for the uninitiated Goals is basically a digital version of stashing cash in the fridge or in envelopes for specific things you want. Couple that with "Safe-to-Spend" and you'll always have an accurate and up to date dollar figure of what you can actually spend that hasn't already been allocated towards bills or Goals. [Free]