Monday morning got off to a rough start for Facebook, where users reported widespread difficulty updating their status, liking and commenting on posts. The extent of the outage is so far unclear, but if Twitter whining is any indication, it's affecting just about everybody worldwide.

We tried posting on Facebook ourselves with no luck. Luckily for for Facebook addicts, however, the outage only appears to affect status updates and related activities. Friending features also appear to be broken, as do friend lists. It's also been this way since around 8am on the East Coast. Going to still works, and you can still stalk your exes just fine. We've reached out to Facebook for more information about what's happening.


Update: Facebook fired back to life not long after 10am, and we were able to post again. Hey, a two-hour-long outage isn't as bad as a three-hour-long outage, right?

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