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Facebook Is Now Recording Everyone You Stalk

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Do you like looking at the profiles of people you don't know that well on Facebook? Of course you do, because we're all sick and it's fun. One wrinkle: there's now a list of everything you search for on FB.

Starting today, Facebook says:

In addition to your other activity, you'll be able to see the searches you're making on Facebook. Just as you can choose to delete any of your posts, you can use the same inline control on Activity Log to remove any of your searches at any time. It's important to remember that no one else can see your Activity Log, including your search activity.


A Facebook rep tells us the feature is currently rolling out to users, but you should be seeing it soon.

That last part is important: this is information that's only accesible by you (and Facebook). It's also not retroactive, because that would give the entire Internet a simultaneous panic attack. But if you've got something to hide, just make sure nobody sees that list—or delete your search history, which is an easy option. But it's an option you'll have to keep tabs on atop the rest of your incriminating search history. This stuff is starting to pile up! [Facebook]


Note: the above screenshot was prepared by a Gizmodo intern. I do not obsessively search for myself on Facebook.