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We haven't had any complaints around the Gizmodo Cave about the wireless Xbox 360 controller, but like our decorator says, a little color never hurt anyone. Xtreme Enterprise's Fantasy360 controller mod lets you swap out your original case for one that's transparent and not "#FFFFFF". Some more details:

All Fantasy360 cases are made from high quality ABS plastic materials with a polyurethane coating for durability and an acrylic shine. In addition, these cases fit like OEM and comes in 5 semi-transparent and solid color options at launch as follows :

Plata Mid (Solid Chrome)
Bleu East (Semi-Transparent)
Clear West (Semi-Transparent)
Crimson South (Semi-Transparent)
Smoke (Semi-Transparent)


The cases are self installable, so you can switch back to your original white if you feel this is a bit gaudy.

Fantasy360 Ready for Launch [Xbox Central]