Illustration for article titled FCC Refuses to Probe Snoop-Friendly Telcos

The FCC has refused to investigate phone companies who are thought to have turned over millions of records to the NSA, according to a Reuters story.


Congress asked for the probe, which would include AT&T, Verizon and Qwest. But National Intelligence Director Michael McConnell sent a letter to FCC Chairman Kevin Martin saying that the investigation would "pose an unnecessary risk of damage to the national security," and that McConnell and friends "support your determination not to initiate an investigation."

Sorry to get on a soap-box here, but how much longer is this government allowed to subordinate our rights to their not entirely legal whims or cozy corporate partnerships? Like, what, a year and change? Until then, maybe I just won't use the phone. Or the internet. Or cable. Can they wiretap bourbon? [Reuters]


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