Final Fantasy designer returns to give us this bizarre Catwoman redesign

Legendary Square-Enix designer Tetsuya Nomura baffled us at SDCC with his crazily OTT take on Batman - but at NYCC he's back, and this time he's turned Catwoman into... well, see for yourself.


Some of Nomura's design hallmarks that were surprisingly absent on his Batman Redesign - like his notorious love of superfluous buckles and studs - make a comeback on this crazy Catwoman variant for Square-Enix's Play Arts Kai figure line, but god, where do you start with this?

There's the hair, flowing out below Catwoman's helmet (which oddly enough looks more Batman-y than the design he actually used for Batman). There's the impractically gigantic claws on her hands. The absurd combination of heavy armour everywhere except where it would actually protect her, which is where, of course, she's basically naked instead. This is battle panties to the max.

And then there's the presence of Catwoman's whip as... her tail? Oh god. She looks like she's basically a 'sexy' Xenomorph crossed with Final Fantasy's Dragoons. I mean it's not as crazy as his Batman figure, but when your go to looking at this is 'sexy Xenomorph', I guess that's not exactly a sane thing either.


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