Finding Your Passenger Rating on Uber Just Got Way Easier

Image: AP
Image: AP

Want to know whether the drivers of Uber think you’re a complete dirtbag or not? Finding your passenger rating on the ride-hailing app is now a much simpler process.


Uber is pushing out an updated customer support system today, and the handiest feature is an automated way to find out your rating. Before, you could request it from within the app, but you’d have to wait for someone to manually pull up the rating and email it to you. No longer:

GIF: Uber

A BuzzFeed investigation earlier this month highlighted how chaotic and inefficient Uber’s customer support can be. This update is a clear attempt to streamline that service, since it lets passengers chat with the Uber support team immediately, and in-app. Will that actually make the service better, or safer? I don’t know, but the change to the passenger rating is a small, concrete improvement.

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In case that animated GIF isn’t doing it for you:

  1. Open Uber app
  2. Click 3 vertical bar icon on the top left
  3. Help
  4. Account
  5. I’d like to know my rating
  6. Submit

(yay 5.0!)