First Video of the Google Nexus One

So this is a pretty short and inexpertly framed video, but it is the very first one we've seen of the Nexus One in action. If you want to see that flashy Android 2.1 boot sequence, read on.


You can also see the packaging here, but it could just be the packaging meant for developers—Google's done that in the past—and not the final design. Apparently the guys that took this video are going to take more, so we'll update when they do. [The Nexus One via Engadget]


Gabriel A. Zorrilla

Guys... seriously? GUI? That's an intro screen, no GUI. If supposedly there are thousands of phones given to Google employees, cant' just ONE do a 5 min full review of android 2.1 and a little bit on the hardware? I bet there are NDA of some kind that prevent that.