Flame King Propane Tank Indicator

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My favorite activity during the summer heat is to go outside and create more heat and sit around in it. Yes you grill jockeys, I m calling you out. I want you to help keep the neighborhood from blowing up and be the most efficient griller you can with the Flame King. This dongle attaches to any Type 1 propane connections and provides safer, smarter, and cleaner grilling. This valve has an emergency gas shut-off, gas level indicator and a built-in leak detector.

Generally, I think this is a good idea. Instead of shaking the tank around, trying to see how much is in there, this you can tell at a glance how much more searing power you have. So get that fire going, neighbor man, and if the sweltering summer heat hasn t quite given me heatstroke, maybe the flame you are harnessing on your porch will push my body over the edge.

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UPDATE - Joe sends us this tip:

you can buy all sorts of fancy doo-dads to ensure you don't run out of propane before burning another piece of cow.......mmmmmcowburgers... sorry, I'm back, or you can simply pour a cup full of warm or hot water down the side and feel how full the tank is by noticing where the metal feels cold (caused by the liquid propane absorbing the heat much faster than the gas above it.)