Frustrated Passenger Gets Arrested for Tweeting Airport Bomb Threat

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Meet Paul Chambers. Like thousands of frustrated passengers, this British finance supervisor thought he wouldn't be able to travel because of the snow. So frustrated, in fact, that he tweeted an obviously exaggerated threat that got him into jail.

"Crap! Robin Hood airport is closed. You've got a week and a bit to get your shit together, otherwise I'm blowing the airport sky high."


Not long after that—on January 13—the police knocked on his door carrying a copy of the tweet. He tried to explain that he was only venting his frustration on Twitter, but they didn't even know what Twitter was. The officers arrested, interrogated, and jailed him under the Terrorism Act, only to release him under bail until a February 11 hearing.

In addition to that, the threatening tweet was deleted, and his computers and iPhone was confiscated. I understand that some people are a bit paranoid, but couldn't have they searched first for connections of this guy with any terrorism group? Or maybe check his house for traces of explosives? But then again, who cares about a proper investigation. Jailing someone because of a tweet just makes so much sense.


The best part: When he tried to explain the whole thing, the only answer he would get from the officer was "it is the world we live in."

Indeed, it's the world we live in, giving up on all our civil liberties for a sense of false security, and allowing morons to run the world. [Daily MailThanks AJ!]