Full-Fledged PlayStation Store for PC With Direct PSP Downloads (No PS3 Required)

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Just in time for the holidays, the PlayStation Store's finally totally opening its virtual doors to PSP owners without PS3s—now you can directly download stuff to your PSP from your PC via USB. It's live right now. You can set up a PSN account and then start doing all the things that were previously walled off to PS3 owners. Existing PSN accounts and virtual wallets are seamless between the PC and PS3 stores, so you can use both interchangeably. Really, this should've been the setup from the get-go, but at least it's available now. Full presser below. [PlayStation Store for PCs]


FOSTER CITY, Calif., Nov. 20, 2007 - Sony Computer Entertainment America (SCEA) today unveiled PLAYSTATION(r)Store for the PC in North America, enabling PSP(r) (PlayStation(r)Portable) users to access PLAYSTATION(r)Network games, video content and services over the Internet through a personal computer at http://store.playstation.com. This new free service allows users to establish a PLAYSTATION Network

account, download free content or purchase content directly from the PLAYSTATION Store for the PC to their PSP without the use of PLAYSTATION(r)3 (PS3(tm)).

Through the PLAYSTATION Store for the PC, PSP users can now download classic PlayStation(r) game titles as well as all-new PSP titles only available from the PLAYSTATION Store. Available immediately, full-game

downloadable content exclusively available on PLAYSTATION Store for the PC include titles such as Syphon Filter(r): Combat Ops. Users can also download existing PSP games such as Gangs of London(tm) and WipEout(r)

Pure, as well PS one(r) classic titles including favorites such as JetMoto(r) and Crash Bandicoot(r). In addition, trailers for forthcoming titles, add-on game items, promotional videos and themes for PSP that allow users to customize their PSP menu color, background and icons of XMB(tm)(XrossMediaBar) will be available through the

PLAYSTATION Store for the PC.

Through PLAYSTATION Store for the PC web site, PSP users will be able to establish and use their PLAYSTATION Network accounts and "virtual wallets" for PLAYSTATION Network, providing a seamless online commerce

experience on both PS3 and the PC. In addition, users who already have a PLAYSTATION Network account can use their existing username and password to log in to the PLATSTATION Store for the PC.

"The library of innovative, downloadable games, videos and entertainment content available through the PLAYSTATION Store provides a new way for PSP owners to get content and demonstrates the continued evolution of PLAYSTATION Network," said Peter Dille, senior vice-president, marketing and PLAYSTATION Network, SCEA. "PLAYSTATION Store for the PC will give the millions of PSP users who do not yet own a PS3 access to PLAYSTATION Network, and enhance the online entertainment experience for users who own both a PSP and PS3 whether they are at home or on the road."

Exclusive PLAYSTATION Store tiles for PSP Check out the exclusive PSP games from the PLAYSTATION Store including Syphon Filter: Combat Ops (US$9.99), the latest addition to the Syphon Filter(r) franchise.

Play PSP UMD games

Play some of your favorite PSP games without the UMD(tm) (Universal Media Disc), exclusively available from the PLAYSTATION Store, including WipEout Pure, an adrenaline-filled racing action game, and Gangs of London, part of the hit franchise The Getaway.

Classic PS one games for PSP

Now you can bring your favorite PS one games, from the original Crash Bandicoot(r) to Hot Shots Golf(r) 2, on your PSP by simply downloading them directly to your PSP from PLAYSTATION Store. It has never been easier than now to play your favorite games across all PlayStation platforms.

Download free PSP playable demos and trailers

Download the latest PSP demos from PLAYSTATION Store for the PC including the anti-terrorist thriller, Syphon Filter(r): Logan's Shadow, and SOCOM: U.S. Navy SEALs Tactical Strike, the latest addition to the

popular SOCOM gaming franchise. At no cost, you can check out the latest PSP games today before you decide to buy them tomorrow. Check out exclusive previews of upcoming games for PSP including game trailers for

exclusive PLAYSTATION Store titles such as Beats, an enthralling rhythm action game based on the PSP owner's music collection.