Fun April Fools' Day Ideas

A panic button for your keyboard, which was apparently considered a “gag gift” back in 1999 according to the Associated Press

Back in the 19th century, April Fools Day was way more vicious. People could get maimed and even killed. In that spirit, we have a list of fun April Fools Day pranks to play with technology. Enough with the hokey plastic-wrap-over-the-toilet-seat nonsense. These ideas will really liven up April Fools.

Install Russian ransomware on a friend’s computer.

Delete all your family photos (don’t forget cloud backups).

Post all your nudes to Kinja.

Steal someone’s identity.

Render a coworker’s computer monitor unusable with black spray paint.

Have someone else take a photo of you, post it on Facebook, and call it a selfie.


Build a time machine, go back to 1989, and convince Robert Zemeckis to replace all the hoverboards in Back to the Future: Part II with two-wheeled self-balancing scooters.

Buy a Tesla Model 3 using your mom’s credit card, ruining her credit for life.

Dunk your partner’s smartphone in tapioca pudding and tell them it’s over.

Send faxes to strangers with a hand-scrawled note reading “I know what you did.”

Build a robot that looks just like you and go into hiding for 20 years, only to emerge later explaining that every interaction your friends and family had with you was a lie because it was actually with a robot.

Send all your friends a computer virus.

Build a tower to heaven so that God teaches you a new language.

Tell the FBI that you know how to crack any iPhone but then when they ask you how to do it pretend you don’t know how to do it even though you really do.


Set your computer on fire.

Set your television on fire.

Set your smartphone on fire.

Go start a utopian community without access to the internet.


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