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I know you guys are thinking, oh brother, not another boring iPod case. But this is no ordinary iPod case people — this one's made out of genuine Blackgama MINK. This is easily one of the most ridiculously over-the-top iPod cases out there. Apparently Blackgama Mink is softer and silkier than regular mink (I didn't even know there were different kinds of mink) and each case is lined with glove-soft leather. MinkGlove, the makers of the minkPod, also offer iPod cases made out of cow hide and rabbit fur. So if you're feeling like buying an iPod case made out of cuddly dead animals, you can. NEXT - Baby skin!

The mink iPod case costs $199, the rabbit case costs $149, and the cow hide case costs $129. The iPod Mini versions are $189, $129, and $119 respectively.


iPod Fur and Cow Hide Cases [MinkGlove]