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Lately, a lot of people have been teasing the Giz for packing too much juvenile machismo. Between the boob jokes and the trashing of pink Zunes, people are losing sight of what Giz is about. We love em, but we just don't take gadgets as seriously as some. To disprove the first point, and prove the second, we're holding FuzzyWuzzyModo, a cute pet/gadget photo contest.


You know we love em. Cellphones, cameras, MP3 players: They're like Pokemon for Nerds. Well, Pokemon is like Pokemon for Nerds. So maybe gadgets are more like Geek pets that don't die when you forget to feed them. Yeah. And what are puppies, really but hairy Sony Aibos that lick everything and eat their own poo?

Entries for the photo contest should have an adorable gadget and a cute pet in the photo.
Your inspiration should come from past posts, like the puppy monorail, the Macbook cat toy, and this disgusting photo here. (Not Goatse; nor iPhone) The winner is simply the one that makes us gush the most. See? We have feelings.


The prize is a 50 dollar gift certificate to Amazon, courtesy of Solano County Friends of Animals who rescue kitties from the gaping maws of evil gadgets like paper shredders.

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The contest will be judged by you on Giz, but semi finalists will be chosen by Richard Baguley, writer, Englishman, and champion of both Pets and PCs everywhere. He'll pass the winners on to us, and after that, we'll put up a poll so you can vote on the final winner.


Post your photo on flickr or some other photo hosting service, and email the url to:

The contest ends in 2 weeks.

And if you're feeling charitable, please donate a bit of change to the fuzzy creatures over at Solano County Friends of Animals.


Fuzzy Wuzzy Modo Photo Contest: How Cute are Your Pets and Gadgets?