Gameking 2 Portable Game Machine

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Looking for "Fashionable Science & Technology Outlook" and "High-Brightness function and Super-Glare Imitate Color Screen?" Can't afford a PSP and instead want something that is currently transforming Sony lawyers into attack mode? If you're visiting the Asia-Pacific Rim you might pick up the Gameking 2. While info is spotty a best, this delightful gaming machine is, according to a young lady mentioned in the post, superior to Sony's DOA PSP, offering more games, more fun, and more piratey goodness.


It's amazing that they got this to market so quickly. The blogosphere believes that this is simply a Gameboy in disguise. Only time will tell.

Update: We now have the manufacturer's website (we think). Some new features include:

It adopts one transferable, four-step-grey level LCD display screen. Function of saving power and strong sound effect.

(Thanks, Marcus!)

I was walking around Si-Meng-Ding in Taipei... [Limzhiyang via BoingBoing]