Geek Squad, Attempting First Look at Naked Female, Gets Busted

Geek Squad, Attempting First Look at Naked Female, Gets Busted
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Apparently some members of Best Buy's Geek Squad have never seen a naked woman before. One of them, Hao Kuo Chi (pictured at right), decided to start up his cellphone video camera and place it in the bathroom just before his unsuspecting customer hopped into the shower. Only when she stepped out did she notice the cellphone's recording light winking at her naked pubes.

After the woman's sister removed the phone's flash memory card containing the video file, Chi the Peeping Geek tried to get it back by offering discounted services. No dice. Dude, you are so busted.

Geek Sued For Peeking At Woman In Shower Via Video [CBS, via The Consumerist]

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Suing Best Buy is absurd and only about the deep pockets. If he had been a private computer repair guy out of the phone book she would only be pressing criminal charges, if even. Yes, the guy needs to be punished, but her shock and outrage, etc. is, IMO, all an act for the camera to ensure big bucks from Best Buy. I have a modicum of empathy for her over this violation, but as soon as she sued the employer that all but disappeared. This is now entirely about the money now, and nothing about any violation of her privacy by the actual person who committed the act.

On a side note, years ago a customer came into my Best Buy wanting to buy a photo printer. She brought her own memory card with her, and I demoed one of the printers with it. We printed an index sheet (this was before most of them had color screens), and while it was printing I saw her suddenly grabbing the unprinted paper from the printer and kind of folding it over. I told her to wait until it's done printing, and she said, "no, there are photos on here I thought I had deleted from the memory card!" I chuckled and backed off. She paused, then turned back to me and whispered, "they're pornographic!" I told her I got the hint the first time. It finished printing out, she folded over the bad portion and was picking out a clean photo to test when her husband came along. She informed him about what happened, he asked if I had seen them, we assured him I had not, and we went about completing the demo. They bought the printer and left with it... and then I noticed they had LEFT THE MEMORY CARD IN THE DEMO PRINTER. I can't lie and say I wasn't tempted. There were plenty of computers nearby with card slots I could have used to copy the photos so I could see them, but after a few seconds of temptation I ran up to the front to give it to security and ended up catching them at the door and returning it.

We all have so-called perverted temptations (I never did understand what was so perverted about wanting to see a woman naked), but it's what we do with them that matters. That girl in the video was hot, and there's no way knowing she was about to take a shower that I wouldn't have WANTED to do what that guy did. But there's no way I'd be stupid enough to even try it, much less feel right about it. It would have died at the thought and I would have gone about my business. Besides, the video on those camera phones sucks, so what would be the point?