Genius Photographer Recreates Iconic E.T. Movie Poster in Real Life

Anyone who was a child once upon a time has probably dreamed about making their bicycles fly across the full moon like in E.T. Awesome photographer Philipp Schmidli actually did that. He recreated the iconic E.T. movie poster by snapping an awesome picture of a biker riding off a ramp against the backdrop of a giant moon.

Schmidli used a Canon 1D X and a 800m f/5.6L IS lens with a 2x teleconverter to snap the shot. He was actually positioned really far from the hill where the bikers were located. You can see where he took the shot and where the hill was located:


The three bikers only had three or four jumps off the ramp before the moon got too high. So awesome that he was able to get the perfect E.T. shot, complete with installed bike basket and stuffed animal silhouette. You can read more about the process here. [Philip Schmidli via PetaPixel]

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