The Darkest Minds Looks Like the Young X-Men Film We Never Knew We Wanted

Fox just released the first trailer for its adaptation of Alexandra Bracken’s scifi young adult series, The Darkest Minds. If you didn’t realize it was based on Bracken’s novels and took away the title, at first glance it’d honestly make for a pretty interesting looking member of the studio’s swathe of X-Men films.


To Boldly Stay: How Deep Space Nine Upended Star Trek by Exposing Utopia's Dark Side

If you could condense Star Trek into one core principle, you’d probably choose “to boldly go,” the grand quest that has been the mandate of all Star Trek TV shows—except one. Riding the warp-trail of the groundbreaking Next Generation, Deep Space Nine first premiered 25 years ago, and the new show chose not to boldly…