Feel the Hufflepuff Pride in This Clip From the Upcoming Movie Theater Screening of Puffs

I admit I’m a Harry Potter fanatic. And while I’m officially a Ravenclaw, I bear no ill will against the Hufflepuffs (like some other people). So when I found out about an off-Broadway comedy where those seven overly-dramatic years at Hogwarts were told from a different perspective, I was all in. Though the theater is…

The First Trailer for Robin Hood Heads to the Crusades for Rebellion and Questionable Archery

The first in the sea of Robin Hood movies that are on the way, Otto Bathurst’s Robin Hood, starring Kingsman’s Taron Egerton, has dropped its first trailer. And honestly, for all the changes to the setting and style you’d usually expect, the biggest concern we have is that... for a guy known for using a bow and arrow,…


The Darkest Minds Looks Like the Young X-Men Film We Never Knew We Wanted

Fox just released the first trailer for its adaptation of Alexandra Bracken’s scifi young adult series, The Darkest Minds. If you didn’t realize it was based on Bracken’s novels and took away the title, at first glance it’d honestly make for a pretty interesting looking member of the studio’s swathe of X-Men films.