Get a Sneak Peek at The Librarians Finale With Actor John Kim

As you can see from this exclusive clip from the first part of Sunday's two-part finale, The Librarians is already one of the most charming shows on television. In advance of the epic finale, we talked to star John Kim (Ezekiel Jones) about what's next for the crew, Ezekiel's superpower, and the ad-libbing prowess of John Larroquette.


The Librarians is TNT's newest show, based on the series of TV movies starring Noah Wyle as the titular Librarian, charged with finding and protecting mystical artifacts. The show itself is an even more magic-based Warehouse 13, fused with the same sensibilities as its creators' other show Leverage. It is light and fun and you can read our recaps here. The show has been building to a confrontation between the Librarians and their enemies, the Serpent Brotherhood, which will definitely come to a head in Sunday's finale.

Kim plays Ezekiel Jones, the master thief who joins the Librarian crew, armed with skills in lock-picking, hacking, and a high-level of self-preservation. Kim gives a great description of the show, saying:

It has a little bit of everything: action, comedy — a lot of comedy — and horror, as you saw in the last episode. The best thing I've heard is from [the parents] who say "The kids finally put down the Playstation controller and we watch it together. Sunday nights are now family nights." I was really pleased to hear that.

As Ezekiel is the one for whom everything goes right. "The Apple of Discord [which brought out everyone's worst selves] didn't affect him at all and the [Libris Fabula, which brought fairy tales to life] made things better for him," Kim says of Ezekiel's luck. He's the character most sure of himself "to the point of arrogance." In fact, Kim admits that he probably "wouldn't be friends" with Ezekiel, who is something of a "jerk." "I'm not like Ezekiel at all," says Kim.

We're huge fans of John Larroquette, whose character, Jenkins, has the most developed relationship with Ezekiel. And the admiration is shared by Kim: "The Apple of Discord was my favorite episode because I spent the whole time with John." He's like a mentor on set, and Kim says he still "keep[s] in touch with John, even though we finished filming months ago." "With John," says Kim, "you have to figure out what was the script and what was him. He does a different thing every take."

Throwing in whatever spontaneously happens that day is a part of the show. Kim reveals that the bit in last week's "And the Heart of Darkness" where Christian Kane tripped on a chair wasn't scripted. "I didn't have to act at all," he says.

The show has a dense mythology, and everything is based on real events or actual mythology. Of course, we had to ask if this:

Illustration for article titled Get a Sneak Peek at The Librarians Finale With Actor John Kim

was an Avengers shout-out. Kim, a self-professed "huge Avengers fan," says that this was also the item on that board that he gravitated to, and he likes to think it is.

This board, stuffed full of references, is emblematic of the show. "I read the scripts and I think 'This is going to go over people's heads,'" says Kim. He says it "never" does, the fans are so smart about putting together clues. Even when the guesses aren't right, Kim says they would be great plots.


Sunday's got an epically huge finale, which Kim couldn't tell us much about. "I really want to talk about it," but he can't. He did tell us there was a lot of action and running around — his favorite part of the show — in the first part. Not so much for Ezekiel in the second half. Does that mean some sneaky thieving? "Not really..." is all Kim can say, and not much more. But we will see the return of Dulaque and Lamia and a plan which will "change destinies."

He does have a promise from the writers for season two, if it comes, "will go off" into places even more amazing and ridiculous than season one.


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