Get Ready: Facebook Is Forcing Everyone to Use Timeline

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All of you Timeline holdouts: the holding out ends soon. "Over the next few weeks, everyone will get timeline," says Facebook. And by "will get," they mean "must use." Here we go!


Luckily, anyone who hasn't already switched over to the megascrapbook will have a seven day grace period to ease into it before their new, beautified, history-flush profile goes live. Take that time. Drink some tea. Have a hot soak. Breathe—because luckily, Timeline is pretty great. This is like being forced to wear nicer clothes. I'm predicting an all-time low in global OMG I HATE THIS Facebook redesign cheek-puffing. [Facebook via AllThingsD]


Why force your users into something they don't want or really even need?

I left Facebook years ago for privacy reasons. (back before they cared about your private data). I have no desire to go back. One of the reasons is because of changes like this. Timeline may be wonderful and fantastic if you care about it's features. But, what about the people who don't care? Why not let them keep the old look?

We're not talking about full page customization like the crime that was MySpace. But if people want a clean, uncluttered look, why not let them have it?