Face it: your brother's graduation is next week and you have yet to get him something to commemorate his dubious achievements. It's Gizmodo and Chase Blueprint's Dads & Grads Gift Guide to the rescue! Let's look at a couple of selections for the grad who just can't wait to get out of here.

Vespa S 504V

For the Grad Who Won't Shut Up About His Semester Abroad
You sent Johnny to Italy for three months and now that he's back he spells his name "Gianni" and orders Chianti with every meal. Since cars are so Americano, the all-new Vespa S 504V with its 50cc engine and incredible gas mileage is the perfect vehicle to transport him to his fashion photography internship. Just remind Gianni to drive on the right side of the road. $3,199

Psycho Bunny Leather Passport Case

For the Grad Who is Off To "Find Himself"
Apparently his "self" is in Thailand, somewhere near Phuket. Or at least that's what the email he sent asking for more money and a replacement passport said. Make sure he doesn't lose the new one with this handy leather passport case from Psycho Bunny. When his brother graduates, you're totally sending him to the Jersey Shore. $150


The Gizmodo/Chase Blueprint Dads & Grads Gift Guide has great ideas for any dad, any grad, and any budget! Click here to get shopping.