Gizmodo Today: Apple in the Spotlight, Blu-ray Burners, Samsung the Release Addict and Gizmodos Bold Prediction

All other stories were dwarfed by Gizmodo s live coverage of the Apple event introducing the iPod Hi-Fi and the two Mac minis in Cupertino. We did have a few reservations about the shared memory of the mini s graphics chipset, quickly realizing that the littlest Mac is probably not suitable for the demands of rigorous gaming. In the background of that glare of publicity was Samsung, the workmanlike company that's obviously addicted to introducing new products; this time the Korean electromeisters showed us an unusual cellphone design that swings both ways along with Blu-ray burners, both internal and external, that will be ready to ship in April. Unimpressed, Gizmodo stepped forward with a prediction for Blu-ray—whose pre-recorded movie disks will hit the streets on May 23—placing Blu-ray next to the Sony Betamax atop the ash heap of history. So it goes.

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