Gizmodo Today: Apple Meet, Origami Peek, DirectFlix Greet, DRM to Beat

(2/27/06) In the countdown to Apple's mysterious Tuesday morning meeting, rumors blasted across the Gizmodosphere, including one where Apple rolls out an iPod-friendly boombox. Even sleeping giant Microsoft gets into the act, dropping none-too-subtle hints about its Origami folding mini-tablet PC. Meanwhile, we scoop the news that DirecTV will drop its own bomb, not only dropping the price for its set-top DVRs but cooking up its own sat-delivered video-on-demand it will reportedly call DirectFlix. Elsewhere in GizmodoLand, a frog Design Mind feature takes a sideways look at the dreaded DRM and the big news is that things are getting smaller, including TV tuners, now tiny enough fit through the hole of a lifesaver.

DirectFlix Coming Soon


frog Design Mind

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