Which Phake Photo is the Phunniest? That's not the only question we have today, where we want to know if Dell will buy Alienware, which navi devices will Garmin release next, if LG will release a dual Blu-ray/HD DVD player, if the latest Origami pictures are real, is streaming video on its way to a new XM device, and finally, why the heck is Apple making iPod accessories? Lots of questions today, but one final answer to March Madness: CBS finally gets it—the network's offering the first three rounds on the way to the Final Four of the NCAA Basketball Tournament free for the taking on the Web for all to see. Finally.

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Dell May Buy Alienware?
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New Garmin Devices (??)
Streaming Video to a New XM Device?
Rumor: LG Planning to Release Dual Blu-ray/HD DVD Player


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