Gizmodo Today: Sonys HDV Camcorder, Foot Fetish and PMA on the Way

(2/21/06) Today we got confirmation of the April release of Sony's low-priced HDV camcorder, which the company hopes will finally bring HD videography down to earth. We also felt the first rumblings of the Photo Marketing Association (PMA) Convention and Trade Show coming up in Orlando next week, that annual cacophonous camera conflagration that fills our pages with all things photo from upscale to bargain-basement digital shooters. The first examples peeked through from Canon, Casio and Nikon, with the peak yet to come. On a lighter note, those who didn't know us better might think we were foot fetishists, because somehow the news contained more than the usual stories of feet, with high-tech insoles for high-heeled ladies, special border-jumping kicks for those huddled masses yearning to be free, and some camo sneakers complete with matching socks and flask. Feets don't fail me now. Mix in a few iPod accessories and a cat piano (?!) as a footnote, and you've got yourself an eclectic news day.

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