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We've become a lazy, lazy people. If there's two things that really bring us together, it's an irrational demand for instant gratification and a desire to have as little face-to-face interaction as is humanly possible. Now on the one hand, this is probably the beginning of society's grand demise. But on the other, doing things sucks! So we might as well give in to fate and enjoy sweet, sweet laziness while we can. Which, thanks to's new app, now included eyewear shopping.

What does it do?

Generates a 3D model of your head using just a few shots you've taken with your iPad. Then you're free to try on thousands of frames on your virtual face, so you can get a pretty decent picture of what's flattering (or not)—you can even adjust them all the ways you would normal glasses. Once you think you've found a winner, you can share away and even ask friends to vote on which frames they like the best.


Why do we like it?

Buying things online is great—except when it's something that requires a near-perfect fit. No matter how well you think your know what will look and fit best on you, it's more or less impossible to gauge how something's actually going to look IRL. While this obviously isn't going to be a perfect reflection of how you'll look in your chosen glasses, it's a pretty damn good approximation. Plus, has a massive selection, so everyone should be able to find something that suits them., Download this app for: iOS, Free

The Best: Try on as much as you want without actually having to try it on

The Worst: Still won't get a perfect feel for exactly how they'll look (though it's close)


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I just downloaded this app and I have to say, I im pretty impressed with the results. How true is it to really putting a pair on your face? I don't know. I always have problems with sunglasses fitting because the bridge of my nose is so wide from a childhood accident. Most glasses ride too high and of course I prefer the plastic frames where you can't adjust the nose pieces. But I can get a general idea for what styles I like on my face shape. The app does take about ten to fifteen minutes to set up but I think it is worth it. They have all the major brands that are at a sunglasshut.

I would recommend downloading it just to try the 3d effect alone. It is impressive!(I think I said that already)