Goldfrapp: Caravan Girl

To me, Caravan Girl is one of the most beautiful and inspiring tracks ever created by the genius of Alison Goldfrapp and Will Gregory, the British band known as Goldfrapp (one of many, anyway). It's at the top of my road trip playlist.

The track appeared in Seventh Tree—their fourth studio album—and it's also part of the Caravan Girl EP, which contains a goose-bumping choral version of the song (you can play it below—two for the price of one!). Listening to it makes me want to run away with an Elven redhead queen, to explore the world with no destination in mind.


Like every Goldfrapp album, Seventh Tree has a very distinctive sound. While Felt Mountain, their first, was beautifully atmospheric and cinematic (Utopia, you make me shiver), Black Cherrygot into glam and their particular blend of technopop (Forever, let's make love), and Supernature was hardcore disco, oozing sex and glitter lust (Oh la la, I want to fuck your brains out), Seventh Tree changed their register completely.

It feels like it was created by elves in a forest lost somewhere in the English Midlands. If you like this single, explore the rest of the album. You will love it. [Amazon, Spotify, iTunes]

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