Google Beats Galaxy Nexus Ban By Making It Worse

Illustration for article titled Google Beats Galaxy Nexus Ban By Making It Worse

Last week, Apple secured an injunction against the sale of the Samsung Galaxy Nexus by claiming that the quick search on the phone's Android OS violates its patent for a "universal interface for retrieval of information in a computer system." Google's got a "fix" coming, but you're not going to like it.


Google will be sending an over-the-air update to Ice Cream Sandwich so that the courts will allow the Galaxy Nexus to be sold in the US. The update will change the built-in search in the latest iteration of Android so that it will return only results from the web. Previously, you could search the contents of your phone as well. Basically, since Apple has successfully convinced a judge that Google maybe copied its method for searching your phone, Google will have to make its product worse while appealing the decision.

The update will reportedly begin rolling out as early as tonight, and the Galaxy Nexus will return to Google Play next week. [The Verge and ABC News]



Do you people have the much stuff on their phone that they need to search locally on it? I have not once searched on my phone locally for anything.