Green House GH-KANA-GT MP3 Player, FM Transmitter, Friend

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The great Japanese company with the environmentally conscious name is at it again. Green House is just a few weeks away from launching the GH-KANA-GT series of MP3 players, which comes with 512MB of flash memory and support for both MP3 and WMA digital music files. Even better, the player incorporates an FM transmitter—the headphone cable functions as an antenna—so that you can host your own pirate radio station inside the house, car, space station, etc.

Thankfully, the player comes with a rechargeable lithium ion batter that lasts for seven or four hours, depending on whether or not you're using the FM functionality.


Look for the GH-KANA-GT this August in Japan for around $77.

Product Page (in Japanese) [Green House via]

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