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Groopic for iOS: Photographers Can Finally Be Part of Their Own Shots

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

The group shot dilemma—it's the bane of both narcissists and scrapbooking enthusiasts alike. But what are you supposed to do when you want to snap a pic of a precious moment between friends, but the only person around to take the picture is, well, you? Fortunately for you, Groopic has taken it upon itself to leave no group shot incomplete.

What does it do?

Quickly and easily merges two photos to create one cohesive final product. Your friends arrange themselves, you snap a pic, and then you switch out with one of your pals, who will then take the second photo. Once you have both shots ready, you tell the app which two individuals took on the role of photographer, and Groopic goes to work merging the two and creating a single photo of all your friends and, most importantly, you.


Why do we like it?

All this could be done with the help of most photo editing programs, yes, but while Groopic only offers one of the features those services might offer, it's the feature that solves an incredibly common problem. You're normally left with a few less than ideal options—praying for the mercy of a kind, passing stranger, forcing one unlikely friend out of the memory, or awkwardly attempting a group selfie.


People have generally come to accept this fate, but thanks to Groopic, there's a better way. And though you do have to position yourself somewhat specifically for the app to work, it's worth it for a group shot that isn't cut in half by someone's arm holding the camera. Plus, the app is on sale for a limited time for $2.

Groopic, Download this app for: iOS, $2

The Best: Gets everyone in the pic

The Worst: Both photographers will need to stand on either end