Grundig Mobile Announces First Phones

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Grundig, probably best known for their radios, has started up a new brand called 'Grundig Mobile,' with the obvious end of creating cellular phones. Six new phones have been announced, including two new models designed to work on DoCoMo's i-Mode systems. None of the phones are going to blow you away, so we won't get into the dirty details of each model, but it's an interesting move all the same. I've had limited experience with Grundig products, but have always been impressed with their attention to detail. Perhaps they'll be launching a high-end phone, too, with a built-in shortwave radio. (I know, but how great would that be?)

The A110 and M130 are simple VGA candybars with MP3 playering, FM radio, and Bluetooth. The M240 is a slider with a 1.3-megapixel camera. The G34i [pictured, I think] and G40i are the i-Mode phones, a candybar and a slider, respectively. Finally, the C310 is a CDMA clamshell.

Debutta al Cebit Grundig Mobile [KatawebIT]
Machine Translation [Google]

Great clarification of these phones (look like rebrands, sadly) by Jose after the jump:

The article called "Grundig Mobile Announces First Phones" refers to the TSM7 and other TSM models being sold in Spain for a long time. The TSM7 started to be sold during summer time.

Telefonica Movistar is Spain's main carrier and has this model as their white brand (Telefonica's branded).

It's indeed built by VitelCom, a mobiles company based in Malaga, south of Spain and Birth place of Antonio Banderas (if that's ever
any important but hey, it's curious).

It's just rebranding generic gear.

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