Hands-On With Mondo Mint: The Wireless Streaming iPod Dock

It's not an entry proper in our Battlemodo iPod Dock Bracket, but it's a worthy contender nonetheless. It's an iPod Dock with two bookshelf-quality speakers, which can take in audio input from the iPod, a USB connection or line in (a Zune). It even has a separate wireless iPod dock that can stream music from up to 100 feet away. It essentially lets you use your iPod as a remote for itself, because it doesn't have to sit across the room inside the dock.


After adjusting the bass level with the Mondo Mint Audio Control suite over USB (it comes set really bass heavy) the Mint sounded pretty darn good. Since we don't have the 100 docks Mark has to compare it to, we'd have to say the audio quality (even when streaming over wireless) was good enough to compare to a decent set of bookshelf speakers. It does have a nice remote, though.

The Mint definitely looks classy—as classy as an iPod dock can look. The buttons on the front of both docks aren't flimsy, and the speaker connections in back are sturdy as well. The solid and smooth (it slides around well on carpet) speakers combined with the sturdy construction of the docks themselves goes a long way into justifying the $349 price.

Whether the Mondo Mint is competitive compared to other $349 iPod docks is still up in the air, but the combination of wireless audio, the decent assortment of inputs and the pretty decent sound quality will make this a good buy either way.

Product Page [Mondo Mint]


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