Japan-based buds tell us if you don't have a GPS navigation system there, you're in deep shit. Few of the streets are marked with so much as a measly sign. That's why we keep seeing such powerful new navigation systems coming out of the Land of the Rising Sun. This HDV-770 from Kenwood has a wide and highly visible screen with an appealing twist inside: in addition to a DVD/CD from which you can load your maps and watch movies, it has a hard drive on board that holds all that map data for ready retrieval. The result? Very fast access, which is vital when you miss a turn—there
s recalculation involved where every second counts, and if you don't have new directions quickly, you'll get even more lost. Not only will this navi help you find your way, it
s iPod-compatible, too, and can be packed with thousands of mp3s or mpeg movies. The HDV-770 was introduced at the Tokyo Motor Show two months ago, and will be shipping to Japan in the middle of February at a price of
225,750 (around $1952).

Kenwood HDV-770 Car Navigation System [Mobilewhack]

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