HDMI on a Xbox 360 Coming Soon?

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Will Xbox 360 have an HDMI output? Is HDMI even possible on the Xbox 360? Pieces of the puzzle are fitting together. Over a year ago, Trusted Reviews saw an Xbox 360 at the IDF (Intel Developers Forum) connected to an HDTV and a Microsoft rep let slip that the Xbox 360 could also output over HDMI if there were only a cable available.

Back to the present day, the Xbox Evolved crew noticed a post from Beyond 3D pointing out in great detail how it's technically feasible for the Xbox 360 to output digital signals, and at the same time Xbox Evolved noticed a $99.99 Game Stop Universal Premium HDMI cable with Xbox 360 branding on its product page, a pre-release that will ship on 12/1/06. But wouldn't any $15 HDMI cable do the trick?

Huh, Come Again? HDMI Cable For The Xbox 360? [XBox Evolved]