Helmsman Gadget Locker Charges, Stores, Protects

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So you're at work and you know that Larry in the next cubicle has his eyes on your iPaq and your Fleshlight. You want to store it away for the weekend while you go skiing, but you don't want to wear down the battery—listen, I'm trying my hardest here to think of a good usage scenario. So you pop your ID card into the Helmsman, plug in your iPaq and plug in your Fleshlight's battery charger, go skiing, and let Larry paw listlessly at the Helmsman locker all weekend.

I suppose this would also work well in a train station or airport, as well. Essentially, it's a locker with some power outlets inside of it. Nothing earth-shattering but it's a good, simple idea and the Helmsman managing director is named Anne Rivett. The chief engineer, I suspect, is named Frank Sheetemetal. I'm sorry. I hate myself.

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