Here Are the Servers You Must Destroy to Kill Justin Bieber's Twitter

He is the most popular person in the history of social media. He is Canadian. He is a swaggy bro. He is an Illuminati tween with hair made of undiscovered elements. And here's how to unplug him, forever.

Yes, Justin Bieber has three entire servers dedicated to him on Twitter. The machine runs forever. Now, we're not encouraging you to cause any material harm to any servers owned by Twitter—and in fact, we do not condone it! But this is the ventilation hole to the Bieber Death Star. Ruin this hardware—torch it, spray seltzer on it, hammer it with baseball bat swings—and he will be over. No more @justinbieber. Lady Gaga takes over as Twitter's #1 most popular creature. Tens of millions of 11-year-old girls will cry out, briefly. But who will they tweet at? Not Bieber, because you have eradicated him. Only you can tell yourself what is right.

Update: Whoops, this was a joke photo from 2011. Our bad.

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Sam Biddle

full disclosure I actually like Bieber and he has some good songs and don't wish any harm against him as a dude.