Hipstamaddicts and Fauxlaroids

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I appreciate Eric's sentiment—echoed by Choire—but have come to disagree. All art is artifice; all feelings are legitimate; faux or no, if it provokes it's fair. Sometimes you must linger a while before setting off again. [Photo: Nikola]

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I dont understand photography as art.

I'm an illustrator, have been for a long time, I work with india ink and koh-i-noor rapidograph pens. Ive been to many gallry shows to network, Ive had a few of my own. Every "artist" I have met has one thing in common, you strip away the paint, take away the brushes, take away the canvas, and they will still be compelled to pick up a stick and make something beautiful in the dirt.

Photographers are only half of the equation. They push a button and allow the camera to capture the scene. Ive struggled with this a lot. Photographs can be beautiful, and yes, they are not easy and take a lot of effort to set up a nice shot. but in the end, you did not create that shot, you were in the right place at the right time. This mans blog only justifies what I have been afraid to say. if a few iPhone apps can endanger the integrity of an artform to this man, than was he ever an artist to begin with? Look at apps like Sketchpro from autodesk. A wonderful app that has allowed the creation of some beautiful images. However, its existence does not belittle or change the integrity of fine art. Its merely another tool, not the means.

I realize my position is not favored, and I didn't not to mean to offended any photographers.