How the ISS Astronauts Grew Their Space Lettuce

One of the most important research works take place aboard the International Space Station is to find out how astronauts can grow their own food. In August, Expedition 44 astronauts Scott Kelly, Kjell Lindgren, and Kimiya Yui tasted lettuce entirely grown in space, for the first time in history.


This video released by NASA’s Johnson Space Center a few days ago explains why growing plants in space is a very important step in our journey to Mars.

Beside the rare footages of veggies growing in microgravity, I was surprised to find that roots growing in space are not going in all sorts of directions. Watch the video and find out what happens when plants encounter different kinds of scientific environments on the ISS.




Don’t know why they use the word “microgravity”. If it’s in orbit, the effects of gravity have to be zero by definition.