I've been live-blogging San Diego's annual comic-frenzy for years, and I always have the same problem โ€” schlepping my gear with me.

When I cover a live event, I normally lug around a 15" FruitBook Pro, multi-lens DSLR, WiFi hotspot, and a bunch of other crap. So instead of nerding out over comic books, Lou Ferrigno, and an unlimited bevy of cos-play cuties, I end up sweating my ass off lugging a man-purse that weighs more than an angry, green, gamma-irradiated giant.


If only there was one device small enough to fit in my pocket, but had a powerful 8-megapixel camera with rapid-fire, continuous shooting and 1080p video, a big enough screen to edit photos, and a fast-as-the-Flash Internet connection to post them.

Oh wait, there is โ€” the EVO 4G LTE on Sprint's truly unlimited network. It's a smartphone designed to give you unlimited access to all the things you love.


So follow along here on Gizmodo as I give you an exclusive, unlimited look at San Diego's comic book convention with nothing but a phone.