Bagels are delicious literally no matter which way you slice them—but are they more delicious when cut into a "mathematically perfect" shape? Stony Brook University's engineering professor George W. Hart thinks he has found the magic formula.

Hart created a way to cut bagels into interlocking chains. He thinks it's the most mathematically correct way to do it.

"It is much more fun to put cream cheese on these bagels than on an ordinary bagel. In additional to the intellectual stimulation, you get more cream cheese, because there is slightly more surface area," Hart explains on his blog.


While this looks medium fun for people who like to cut things, it seems not so fun for people who just want to eat a delicious bagel in a timely and low-stress manner. The only time I would ever do this to my bagel is if I was babysitting a young dork and wanted to look smart. "I cut your bagel into a spectacularly inconvenient Mobius Strip to teach you about math!" I would say, winking.

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