HTC Click Budget Android Rumors Start to Congeal With New Photo, Possible Price

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So, HTC Click, we meet again. Today we've got an artsier, clearer photo with an unobscured HTC badge, Android-appropriate buttons and an overall size that seems to match our 2.8-inch screen estimate. Oh, and a price rumor.


The handset was apparently spotted at a Vietnamese carrier launch event for the HTC Magic, where, according to an attendee on the Tinhte forums, HTC Vietnam indicated a price of five or six million Vietnamese dong. Six million sounds like an awful lot of dongs, but Google has it on good authority (read: math) that this converts to around $280-$330—a low enough price for carriers subsidize down to zero, bundled with a smartphone-level plan.

Stepping into even more speculative territory, there seems to be some question about how this handset would work, control-wise. Given the "Click" moniker and throwback HTC Touch styling, it seems obvious: that big circle will just be a simple button, surrounded by a touch-sensitive ring-slash-d-pad, like on the HTC Touch Pro/Diamond series. In fact, in terms of hardware, I'd wager something nearly identical to those aging Windows Mobile handsets, given the Click's purported low price. Anyway, at this rate we'll probably get the full picture before too long, so just sit tight. [Tinhte via Techradar]


Arggh! there goes a...snake a snake!

Kind of off topic, but I don't understand countries who don't change their currency magnitudes to go along with inflation if to buy something like a phone you need six million of your currency. I guess it's easier said than done but just remove a couple of zeroes from all things being sold. A loaf of bread is no longer 1000 dongs but now costs 1 dong for instance.

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