Since we're just working with couple of photos here, it's hard to say for sure, but the buttons match HTC's design style as of late, and the shape is clearly reminiscent of the company's older handsets. So, what is this?


French website PointGPhone, who first got the pics, says it's the HTC Click, an entry-level Android phone not unlike what the Motorola Morrison is rumored to be. It doesn't appear to have a keyboard, and it's shed the trackball—a consistent feature in HTC's Google-d phones up until now. HTC branding is absent, but something is obscured above the control area—most likely a sensitive carrier name. So who knows! UPDATE: Measured against the ruling standard notebook paper, the phone features a 2.8-inch screen. So hey, there's one spec for you.

I said it before and it bears repeating: Android needs some budget handsets; or maybe more accurately, budget handsets need Android. It's a free OS, and not nearly as scarily shitty "businesslike" as Windows Mobile 6.1—basically, it deserves to fill the low-end smartphone niche, and it's running late in doing so. Should Android go downmarket, HTC wouldn't be a bad chaperon. [PointGPhone]


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