Motorola Morrison Spied Again, This Time With Android

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Until this fine morn, rumors that Motorola's hazily-leaked Morrison handset would run Android were just that: Rumors. A second set of shots now gives us a clearer view of the kid-colored piece, including a clear confirmation of its alleged Google-ness.

Aside from Android and a new black faceplate (instead of the toylike white one we saw before), there's really nothing surprising here, and we're left with the same question: Where is Motorola aiming with this? Based on the bright colors, plastic body and apparently small size the going theory is that this'll not only be Motorola's first Android handset, but the T-Mobile's first cheapo Android handset, for texting tweenz and the like—something that's definitely overdue for the free OS, and which should be easily possible with current hardware.


Alternately, this is Motorola's direct competitor for flagship handsets like the Hero, in which case it could quite easily get murdered, to death. [Phandroid]