Is This Motorola's First Android Phone?

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The first alleged spy pics of Motorola's long-rumored Android phone, the T-Mobile-branded "Morrison," have filtered their way online, and hint that the company could be taking Google's mobile OS in a new, decidedly mainstream direction.

The Morisson, if that's what we have here, is a QWERTY slider in the tradition of the G1, though judging by the bright styling, generously-size d-pad and smooth lines, it seems to be oriented toward a broader audience than its blocky T-Mobile stablemate. In fact, the Morrison would sooner pass as a messaging-centric feature phone than a full-fledged smartphone. Granted, this is a spy pic; it could just as well be either (or neither) of those things.


But think about the possibility for a minute: Android is said to be relatively scalable, it's free, and it would doubtlessly blow the half-baked proprietary OSes on the likes of the Pantech Duo out of the water. I'd say a cheap Android phone is overdue; we'll just have to see if that's what Motorola has in mind. [Mini-suit via Phandroid]