I Would Buy the Philco PC Right This Second

Illustration for article titled I Would Buy the Philco PC Right This Second

The iMac? That would be sent back in a heartbeat for this glorious homage to the 50s.


The Philco PC is pretty much a reimagined Philco Predicta—a short-lived but ridiculously iconic television. Then there are other fantastic touches as well, like a typewriter keyboard and a mouse that looks like some sort of repurposed handheld sander from an era when men in gray flannel suits didn't shave, but straight-up ground stubble into submission.

While the Philco PC may just be a concept, some faceless PC manufacturer should really hire designer Dave Schultze and acquire this design alongside him. Tame it a bit for the masses if you insist, but add the typewriter keyboard to some limited edition release. And if you don't make any money, you can return this free idea, no questions asked. [Yanko via Ubergizmo]



Purdy, but the more I look at the keyboard, the more I'm irked at the fact that a big deliberate empty space was made where the number pad should be.