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iCloud Had a Real Bed-Shitting This Morning

Illustration for article titled iCloud Had a Real Bed-Shitting This Morning

Apple's iCloud portfolio of various streaming and syncing services has existed for two years. And in those two years, Apple still hasn't been able to keep it from regularly fucking up. It happened again today!


9to5Mac noticed the outage, which began at around 4 AM ET and just ended about an hour ago—and hit iCloud in its entirety. That's a big outage, which Apple says affected 11% of iCloud's users: over 25 million people. That's 25 million people whose email, backup, and music wasn't working. The mainframe cerebrovascular accident has been upgraded as of now, with only three services on alert: Photo Stream, Documents in The Cloud, and "Backup." That last one is a biggie.

This isn't a crisis by any means, but it shows that Apple, after all these years, is still pretty terrible and keeping its software from face-planting. [iCloud Status via 9to5Mac]

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I'm not trying to preach on behalf of Apple, as iCloud has clearly had it's ups and downs, but for a free service delivered by a company whose primary focus is consumer hardware design and sales, I'd say iCloud works well for 99% of it's users. I use iCloud for a few of those services and wasn't aware of any issue before I read this article.

My real question is this, do other similar services make their outage issues publicly available in the same manner?