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iGuy is Such a Player

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Okay, this is completely out of left field, but I thought it was funny anyway. Some guy went to the trouble of creating an iGuy blog. You remember the iGuy, right? It's that odd Gumby-like case for the iPod. It's good for displaying the iPod on a table or for living out your repressed doll action-figure obsessions. Anyway, on this blog, you'll see the iGuy hanging out with his pal Gumby, his superhero buddies, and as you can see, iGuy also likes to flirt with the ladies. Here he's making time with a Bratz girl and the Polly Pocket girls. He's so shiny and cute, the girls can't resist him, and the iGuy knows it. Next up: iGuy at the Playboy Mansion!

iGuy for iPod


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