IKOO Scooter - 18 Miles of Surgical Steel

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My love affair with powered scooters waxes and wanes. First I like the concept of a powered scooter then I see some dope on one of those pocket bikes whirring around our block at 3am puts me off me lunch. Anyway, this may have stoked the fires again.

The IKOO, which costs $999, is made of surgical steel and can fold down into a compact package. It gets about 18 miles on one charge—enough for a couple of trips to the liquor store!—and it looks acceptably undorky that you might not get pushed over on it. Wouldn't that be nice, Mr. PolyPony-tailed Segway rider I saw on 23rd Street a week ago? [Thanks, Nick, for pointing out my mistakes.]


IKOO Surgical Steel Scooter [Retrothing]

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