IMterview: Mark Frauenfelder of MAKE Magazine

This image was lost some time after publication, but you can still view it here.
This image was lost some time after publication, but you can still view it here.

I talked to Mark Frauenfelder, Editor-in-Chief of the new MAKE Magazine from O'Reilly, about some of the stuff to expect from this new quarterly 'mook.' I've been amped about the project since the beginning, so I'm glad to see them off and running. In its honor, I made a hyperlink, and put the imterview inside.

Gizmodo: so what kind of stuff in the new make is going to make us all buy it?
Mark: The variety and quantity of projects is key, I think.
Mark: The how-to on Kite Aerial Photography shows you how to take pictures from a camera attached to a kite. The total project cost is about $10.
Mark: And you can get some really cool pictures of your neighborhood from 250-500 feet.
Mark: Plus, it has a timer that uses Silly Putty.
Mark: Any project proposal that involves Silly Putty will be automatically included in the magazine.
Mark: I had that written in my contract
Gizmodo: what about fair-use hacks that might border on copyright infringement? useful, but maybe risky?
Mark: We are in favor of showing people how to get around DRM restrictions on the content they own,
Mark: and we are educating people about the bad consequences of DRM.
Mark: Cory has written a column for the second issue about how DRM hurts innovation,
Mark: DRM is the enemy of the kitchen table tinkerer.
Gizmodo: yeah, it looks like a boingboing and ORA orgy in the table of contents
Gizmodo: it's almost O'Reilly Magazine, which i'm surprised hasn't been done before
Mark: Yes. I respect my friends' work so I naturally want to have them contribute as much as possible.
Mark: O'Reilly is the publisher of Make, so we have a lot of O'Reilly folks contributing.
Gizmodo: i like ORA, so that's only a good thing coming from me
Mark: Me too. ORA are swell folks.
Gizmodo: should we expect to find MAKE in bookstores, or should we plan on ordering online?
Mark: It'll eventually show up on newsstands (March 15th I think), but subscribers are already getting their copies, and you can order single copies on Amazon for a greatly reduced price. [$10!]
Gizmodo:excellent, i look forward to check the first issue out
Gizmodo:thanks for giving us a few minutes
Mark: Thanks very much Joel! I love Gizmodo so it's an honor to be on your site.

Then we totally made out.

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